Prince William County Virginia

     by Ronald Ray Turner


"History Not Shared is History Lost

    Last Update - Monday, December 22, 2014

                                                                                                                                                                T. F. Coleman House   ca.1905  - City of Manassas


NEW - History of Philip D. Dawe & Family by Robin S. Landes

In remembrance of David Anderson Turner, Pauline Davis, John Samsky, Nelson Keys, Sam Bachman, Bettie Berry, Barton Padgett, Herbert Bates, Bobby & Marie Caton, William Clem, Bill Bear, Hattie Mae Partlow, Lucy Phinney, Carole Maniglia, Sarah Turner, Catherine Conner, Rue Purcell, Herbert Barnes, Rich Richardson, James Cooke, Mary Field, Abe Davis, Alexander Jones Jr., Lucy Phinney, Earl Cunard, Lillian Gaskill, and James Cornwell.

                                                                       Ron Turner

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