Prince William County Virginia

     by Ronald Ray Turner


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                                                                                                                                                                                                        Van and Ron Turner installing tombstones for

                                                       scan0001      Ralph McDowell                                                   great grandparents, Marcellus and Julia (Perdue)

                                                                           Green Level Cemetery                                                     Turner at Winterpock, Virginia

                                                                           Prince William County



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Prince William County Cemeteries

The Prince William County Historical Commission funded this effort to document all the cemeteries in Prince William County to update the Cultural Resource maps. A Garmin 12 GPS was used to record the latitude and longitude as close to the center of the cemeteries as possible. The size of the cemeteries ranged from the very large Stonewall Memory and Quantico National to the grave site with only one field stone. More than 400 cemeteries were documented, but there are still many that could not be located. It is hoped that in the future someone will build on this work just as I used the work of Ren Conner and Jan Townsend as a base to start. Without the help of Howard Thompson who spent hours taking me to cemeteries and helping to find others, this project would not have been as complete. Another special thank-you to Jim Florence, Nelson Keys, and Richard Runaldue for providing locations and information about many cemeteries.

I would also like to acknowledge all the other people who have helped with this project: Sam Bachman, Bill Bear, John Samsky, Dan Abel, Gerry & Janie McDonald, Gayle McDonald, Michael Allison, Aileen Kelmartin, Charles Jamison, Herbert Bates, Heather Crowl, Pauline Davis, Walter Coverston, Jim Burgess, James Cooke, Bill Ellis, Jan Cunard, William Clem, Don Wilson, Bob Bainbridge, Emily Schreader, Tish Como, Beverly Veness, Bobby Caton, Sara Turner, Turner Smith, Turner Reuter, Keith Cotner, Tony Urso, Raymond Burne, John Brower, Betty Duley, Morgan Breedon, Elaine Yankey, Bettie Berry, Bettye Butler, Linda Green, Linda Wright, Ralph McDowell,Mary Field, Charles Hedges, Carole Maniglia, Abe Davis, Mary Carter, James Carter, James George, Debrarae Karnes, Frazier Hendrick, Jackie Keeney, Debbie Moore, Oscar Hogan, Leon Nickens, Nettie Deal, Daniel deButts, Cynthia Pfanstiehl, Glen Callihan, Joe Gray, Lillian Gaskill, Emma Shutlack, Scott Parham, Rich Richardson, James Cornwell, Lester Cornwell, and Prince William County Supervisors Ed Wilbourn, Marty Nohe and John Jenkins for there personal support and assistance with this project. My apologies to anyone I might have omitted. All your help, recollections, and time was greatly appreciated.

                                                                                                               Ron Turner 2001

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Bel Air New
Belmont Grove
Barnabas unknown
Burrell Lane unknown
Blandsford Slave
Cherry Hill Road Unknown
Davis Cemetery - Spriggs Road
Davis at the Occoquan
Fallbrook - Forestdale unknown
Gaines - Carr
Gaskins at Gainesville
Keys, Buck USMC
Keys Ridge Road
Lee Avenue Civil War Graves
Occoquan Burial Ground
Occoquan Oaks Cemetery
Park Gate

Rose Hill

Roseberry Farm Unknown
Rosings Way Unknown
Unknown off Route 18 near Haymarket
Unknown - Joplin Road
Unknown - Dumfries Road
Unknown - Wellington Road
Warrenton Road Unknown
Weave-Bath Spring Farm Warring-Beavers on Kahns Road Watson-Florence PWFP
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